With ensun to success

The success story of DENIOS

DENIOS covers a broad spectrum of demand — Whether industry, trade, service providers, commerce or even educational and research institutions — With products from the areas of transport and logistics, automotive and many more, DENIOS offers a comprehensive product range. Thanks to ensun, DENIOS can get an overview of possible suppliers and solutions.


Our expectations were honestly exceeded.


Our solution finding without ensun

The difficulty with all innovation topics is always to first get an overview of possible providers and solutions. For us, this starts with the “ideation phase”. Everything else is done via the personal network in order to reach suitable providers for our ideas. This is often the start of a kind of ping pong game along the lines of “who knows who, who knows who, etc.”. For us, ensun was a very interesting new way, independent of our own network, to see what opportunities exist in the market.


The process with ensun

After we registered and advertised our first project, we were amazed at how smooth and foolproof the whole process was. I also found it not too much and not too little, so I had no trouble filling in fields or finding appropriate keywords.


Our positive surprise of the matches

With the proposed matches on the part of ensun to our project, our expectations were honestly exceeded. For us, the project was a trial balloon and from our point of view, the topic was also relatively complicated — we ourselves even struggled to identify appropriate companies with which we could do something like this. Once we had spoken to all the top matches, we realized that theoretically they would all have fitted in. But of really good fit, there were three experts in the end — which was significantly more than I had expected. With the solution provider we chose, we then went straight into implementing the project.


The conclusion

We simply gave ensun a try, since we did not know the way of finding a solution in this way before and can now clearly say that the result was very convincing. I’m just waiting for resources to be free again to get our next ideas on the platform.


Dr. Jan Regtmeier

Director Innovation

“Whether it’s trend-setting products, individual advice, customer-oriented service or further training offers from the expert — at DENIOS, we do everything we can to work with our customers to make everyday operations even safer and to protect nature sustainably.”