With ensun to success

The Success Story of NeurologIQ

With their variety of solutions, NeurologIQ is an expert in machine learning, computer vision and intelligent sensor technology. Through ensun, they have been able to acquire many exciting projects and even land follow-on projects.


ensun has become the number 1 sales tool for us!


What brought us to ensun?

During the Corona crisis, we, like many others, had to struggle with a lull in appearances. Through Google, we came across ensun, took a look at it and registered directly. Since we were registered on a similar site at the same time, we had a pretty good direct comparison: Although ensun is still so young on the market, we quickly noticed that the order rate is significantly higher than that of the competition.


The beginnings with the platform

After the registration, the first question was which keywords should be set. Because in the beginning there is a kind of “addiction” to want to apply for every project and try everything once. You first have to develop a feeling for it and also find out what the problem solvers really expect in the end. But we are really surprised how well the proposed matches fit to us and our idea of a project.


After ensun…

On top of that, we are still in contact with some of the problem solvers we have worked with successfully and are already involved in follow-up projects. Thus, we can definitely say that ensun has become the No. 1 sales tool for us and that even for free. I, as a solution provider, would definitely be willing to pay money for the platform. The probability of getting at least one project a year is really high and the effect for me is much bigger and more targeted than any AdWords campaign.





Simon Sack


“NeurologIQ programs artificial intelligences and algorithms that help companies with processes in need of optimization to make them better.”